Net-zero energy ready homes by 2030

Natural Resource Canada's goal is to make new buildings more efficient

Under the Pan-Canadian Framework and supported by Build Smart — Canada’s Buildings Strategy,  federal, provincial, and territorial governments are adopting increasingly stringent model building codes to achieve this ambitious goal. 



Natural Resources Canada’s mandate


Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change
Canada's plan to address climate change and grow the economy.

Build Smart 
Canada’s buildings strategy. 

Low-Carbon Economy Fund 
This $2 billion fund, to be delivered over the next five years, will be used for investments in projects that will generate clean growth and reduce greenhouse gas emissions towards meeting or exceeding commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Green infrastructure initiatives 
To advance Canada's efforts to build a clean economy, Budget 2017 lays out the Government's plan to invest $21.9 billion in green infrastructure.

National Model Codes
Codes Canada publications are developed by the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes and are published every five years by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC)’s Codes Canada.

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Committed to energy efficiency

The Canadian Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments are committed to making homes and buildings more energy-efficient and helping create a green future for our country through the Low-Carbon Economy Fund and infrastructure initiatives.

With new technology and information available, Canada has great potential to use energy more effectively. Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) works in the fields of housing, building, communities, industry, and transportation to help Canadians realize this potential and take advantage of the benefits of energy efficiency, such as lower energy costs, cutting emissions, improving operating performance, and increasing asset values. By working with professionals in these fields, and collaborating with other government departments, and other Canadian and international partners, NRCan is helping Canada to lead the way in energy efficiency.


What is a Service Organization?

A Service Organization, such as Enervision, is an independent organization licensed by NRCan to use the nationally-recognized EnerGuide Rating System, a standardized home energy performance rating tool. We work with builders and homeowners across Canada in assessing the energy performance and potential energy savings for homes during the design, construction and renovation stage. We also work with provinces, territories, municipalities, utility companies, and other organizations as part of their own home energy efficiency labelling and/or retrofit incentive programming.


Learn more about energy efficiency for homes 

What is an energy-efficient home? 
Home energy performance, energy-efficient upgrades and fixtures, EnerGuide rating, benefits of an energy-efficient home

How can I make my home more energy-efficient?
Energy-efficient products and appliances, using the EnerGuide label, ENERGY STAR products, EnerGuide home evaluations

EnerGuide energy efficiency home evaluations
Assessment of home energy use, schedule and prepare for an EnerGuide evaluation, EnerGuide success stories and possible rebates or incentives

Financial incentives by province
Financial incentives, rebates, programs, provinces.

Buying an energy-efficient new home
Purchasing or building an energy-efficient home; energy saving innovations and options for your home

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Any home, no matter when it was built, can be energy-efficient. Modern construction standards demand greater energy efficiency in new homes, but older homes can be upgraded to improve their energy performance. And the people living in these homes can be energy-efficient in their habits, too.



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