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Assess and improve energy efficiency with an EnerGuide home evaluation

An EnerGuide home evaluation can help you understand how your home uses energy now – and identify upgrades to help improve energy efficiency. We ensure that only the best Certified Energy Advisor’s work with you on your personal report and energy efficiency recommendations.

An energy advisor will assess your home from basement to attic. This will give you an EnerGuide rating for your home. You can also get an energy efficiency report to help you make decisions about doing retrofits or upgrades. You can even use this service when you’re buying or building a new home.


3 reasons to invest in an EnerGuide home evaluation:

1. Save money and access GOVERNMENT rebates

This is the most common certification requirement to access Federal, Provincial and Municipal Government rebates. Remember, don’t start those renovations until you’ve completed your evaluation!

Also, you can save 15-25% on your CMHC Green Home insurance premium if your evaluations shows that your home meets certain energy efficiency levels. (Hint: Most newer homes are already built to this efficiency level. See the CHMC website for more information.)

2. Understand why your toes are always freezing in the family room even though your energy bills are high

Your EnerGuide report includes a detailed roadmap of where to make improvements and which ones are most important to improve your home’s energy performance. This personalized report recommends upgrades to help eliminate drafts, reduce noise and provide consistent temperatures and cleaner air. You’ll reduce your energy consumption, your utility bills, and your toes will thank you.

3. Add value to your home

Your EnerGuide evaluation gives you a government-backed energy efficiency rating and label for your home – a real selling point for prospective buyers. Hint: This will be mandatory across Canada in the near future

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