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An innovative approach to the Service Organization role


The enervision experience

Our goal is to create a simple, seamless experience for the various stakeholders in the home energy efficiency vertical.

We work with:

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We start by simplifying the requirements and process to deliver and then leverage our proprietary technology, experience, and internal processes to streamline the experience and unlock real value for you and your clients..

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Official delivery agent for natural resources canada

LicenSed to deliver energuide certification

We are one of a finite number of private, independent "Service Organization" licensed to deliver on Natural Resources Canada’s Federal housing program mandate including

EnerGuide certification, the official mark of the Government of Canada for its energy performance rating and labeling program for new and existing homes. 


Home energy evaluation

Completing an “EnergGuide Home Energy Evaluation” (aka “Home Energy Audit”) is the first step to understand the efficiency of you home and unlock rebates.



We are continually challenging our approach and process to make your life simpler.


Leverage our technology to maximize your time 

Our Canada Green Homes Platform takes the administration out of the job and allows you to focus on your passions, business and clients.

Here you can store, access, and manage all of your projects in one simple place. Managing projects through this centralized database allows you to unlock value by comparing historical trends across projects and clients.

This "real-time" platform serves as a communication point with your clients, drastically reducing the back-and-fourth file sharing involved in the application process. 



To us, value is about simplification: Less is more.


Create change

Are you looking to change careers or take the next step in the home energy efficiency industry? We take a hands-on approach to guiding aspiring professionals through the process to become a Certified Energy Advisor.


Unlocking value

We obsess the needs of our customers, using their insights to create value for them and their customers.  


Everything is possible

Lets explore the possibilities together. Call or email us with your questions, ideas or to start delivery through our platform





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