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Simplified project management

In its most simplistic form, “The Platform” is a secure data warehouse hosted in the cloud that manages your home energy compliance (9.36) and EnerGuide submission files and stores your project history in one place. 

One of the key challenges that Energy Advisors and builders face is the time required for administration, storage and application of energy compliance and EnerGuide certification documentation. More than just a place to store data, "The Platform" manages your project workflow by providing:

  • Automation of the file upload process - Only projects with the correct files and information can move onto the next stage

  • Real-time tracking of file submissions - You, your team, and even your clients, can log in to track to the status of a project


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Capture and manage all your clients’ data in one place

Steamlined data management

Having all your data organized in one place means your teams and clients can quickly find the files and information they need. The result is efficiency and the option to make more informed business decisions across all aspects of your company. 

Simplify your data management to:

  • Searchable database - Quickly locate all the associated files for NRCan audits and client requests

  • Customer history - Provide access to your team members and clients allowing them to review current and past files in a simple, efficient way

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Demonstrate value by showing the impact of your energy advisory efforts

Unlocking value 

To unlock the benefits your client’s data can provide, you must be able to organize and analyze it to extract valuable insights. That’s where the Canada Green Home platform comes in.

Unlock the value in your data by:

  • Analysis and trends - The simple export button allows you to build data sets and graphs for clients and compare them across projects or other clients

  • Appreciate your employee contributions - Track file submissions by employees in real-time

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